Yuexing Group

In the past 29 years, Yuexing Group has undergone rapid development. At present, we have more than 10,000 employees and four subordinates: commercial, investment, home and industry.

Sailors of the “Harbor”

Harbor's sailor room for young crew members: exquisitely decorated, stylish, navy blue stripes and warm colors, young and energetic, loved by all sailors. Here they sing together, dance together, drink together, and have fun together!

Jiangnan Global Harbor

Located at No. 598, Tongjiangzhong Road, Xinbei District, Jiangnan Global Harbor has 8,800 parking spaces and a total area of 880,000 square meters, covering nine business forms including fashion department stores, five-star cinemas, popular homes, children's playland, entertainment and fitness, gourmet dining, culture and leisure, top offices, and five-star hotels.